We are a Berlin based design studio passionate about creating smart design and remarkable ideas for brands, museums, institutions and startups. We are experts in the fields of strategy, innovation, and outstanding crafted design. Combining brain and heart in each part of the creative process, we believe that strong concepts, distinct stories and clear design systems are fundamental for a successful reach to new audiences and growth of business. Our approach is holistic, collaborating with other design and communication experts to deliver interdisciplinary concepts. The result is, that our clients’ brands are able to convey strong stories and a unique and engaging voice on multiple platforms.

Studio Adén was founded in 2010 by Hanna Adén, a Swedish-born and trained creative director. We take on projects independently and involve a network and team of people with different backgrounds and expertise. Together we work multidisciplinary and share the same passion for creating great ideas, strategies, innovations and change-making designs. We are project managers, strategists, designers, architects, copywriters and digital developers.

When developing an effective and business-generating design and branding we see creativity as a process rather than a linear work. Even though each project looks very different from one another, one can basically break down our creative process into three steps.


1. Insight & strategic design

Through asking the relevant questions, we in the first step put focus on defining the mission, the why, and the how. Through a strategic mindset, we want to clear the values, find the red thread, as well as define the design DNA. This serves as a fundamental and future-proof platform to build the following creative design work upon.


2. Transformation & creative design

In this step the creative design work starts – We transform strategy into narrative designs by putting the pieces together. Story, attitude and look are getting their final shapes.


3. Implementation of design

In the last finalizing step the created design is getting implemented to different communication tools and formats, digital, print or spatial. The pieces are coming together and the details are perfectly finalized before any handover to production partners.

Our range of expertise

Insight & Strategy

With insights and understandings, we make sure that we have a secure foundation when developing innovative ideas, products or transforming brands. By asking relevant questions, researching the market, spotting trends and making analyses, we create a strong starting point for upcoming steps in the creative process. Our first-hand experience of working in a diverse range of cultural environments supports this insight. We clear the mission, the vision, the why and the values.

Design & Branded experiences – 360

With our interdisciplinary approach and holistic mindset, we design tools for brands to be implemented throughout the platforms. We believe in strong ideas and brand consistency, making no difference to real life and online experiences. We adapt identities and create designs for all formats, no matter if it is a space, packaging, event or website design.

Art Direction & Storytelling

We define the tone of voice, direct visual characteristics and give shape to visual and written content for and with your brand. We develop complete design solutions and stories to strengthen the customer experience. Our expertise includes corporate design, typography, graphic design, illustration, editorial design, photography and design for campaigns both on and offline.

Designed Spaces

We design spaces in different formats serving as sceneries for branded worlds, storytelling, displays and more. Combining expertise in architecture, graphic design, layout and space planning, we create distinct aesthetics and designs for any environment. From exhibition design to window displays, point of sale, pop-up stores, brand architecture, interior and event design.

Packaging Design

The packaging serves as a branded display and is the first tactile contact to your customer. An outstanding packaging concept is more than only aesthetic, we know the importance of each detail such as choice of material, sustainability, coding systems, tone of voice, unboxing and point of sale. We take each part in consideration when developing designed solutions for packaging.

Implementation & Production

Together with a network of partners, we make sure that each production phase runs smoothly until finalisation and delivery. Through quality checks, approval of mock-ups and open dialogues with production partners, constructors as well as our clients we want to ensure that each design is flawlessly maintained and produced.



Lifestyle & Beauty

The KadeWe Group
Procter & Gamble
Alverde / DM
Villeroy & Boch
Christian Audigier


Food & Drinks

Katies Blue Cat
Easy Meal
Griesson De Beukelaer
Hahne Mühlenwerk



Mercedes Benz


Museums & Public Institutions

Martin Gropius Bau Berlin
Stiftung Topographie des Terrors
Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden
Deutscher Museumsbund
Alliierten Museum Berlin
Deutsch-Russisches Museum Berlin
Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité


Tourism & Hospitality

Visit Turkey / ITB
Stadt Düsseldorf



MSC – Marine Stewardship Council


Health & Science

Leibniz Institut



Deutsch-Schwedische Handelskammer



Züricher Hochschule der Künste