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The silent crisis of aquatic biodiversity is taking place beneath the surface – in two senses –, often unnoticed by the general public and policymakers. Meanwhile, the pressure from overexploitation of fresh water and organisms, habitat fragmentation and modification, and pollution continues to increase. Climate change, introduced pathogens, and invasive species further exacerbate the crisis. Initiated by scientists at IGB this project aims to raise public awareness about important species in nature conservation.

We developed a visual outlook and illustrations for 20 flagship species that are threatened, and/or important for the IGB research. The fact cards shall shed light on species that are usually underrepresented, and often get neglected when it comes to conservation actions. The illustrations are printed as a set of postcards, also adopted into a social media campaign. The “Freshwater Fact Cards” features impressive characteristics and facts of important freshwater species, and intends to be spread among science events to increase awareness. 

Through creating an eye-catching, authentic and contemporary design for the cards the aim was to increase visibility among the users. Giving the cards an honest appearance our target was to raise joy, create more value through design, and distinguish the appearance from being simple advertising material. 

By using abstract and geometric shapes we interpreted each figure artistically focusing on simplicity. Underlining the story of each species we also through an artistic composition integrated simple elements from the species natural environment to strengthen and emotionalize each world within.

Leibniz-Institut für Gewässerökologie und Binnenfischerei (IGB)


/ Visual Concept
/ Graphic Design
/ Illustration
/ Social Media Campaign
/ Print Production