Deutsches Hygiene-Museum


“Future Food – What will we eat tomorrow?” is the title of a temporary exhibition at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden, which opened in May 2020. Focusing on the global food system, the exhibition displays around 300 exhibits, including interactive installations and video art. The visitor is guided from stable and field to table, a journey full with experiences – Insights are given into topics such as food production processes, trading and the power of consumer choices.

Through the themes of Production, Trade and Choice, the exhibition is divided in three designated spaces, representing each issue individually. In close cooperation with Architecture, Groenlandbasel, Switzerland, our task was to give the spaces a visual DNA that corresponds to the architectural design and represents each topic.

The graphic approach deals with the subject matter of consumer society. With a striking, yet simple and colourful design we aimed to create a dynamic visual language containing “Pop Art” influenced elements. Graphics are loaded with grids, supermarket attributes, stickers and comic inspired illustrations. The setting is simple but powerful, accessible for every visitor.

Photos © Studio Adén Berlin / Oliver Killig

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden


/ Visual Concept & Design-DNA
/ Art Direction & Graphic Design
/ Packaging and label design for props
/ Illustration
/ Infographics