Katie’s Blue Cat

Packaging Design

The task was to develop a packaging concept and design for a total range of 34 products in different sizes and variations. Among the products were cookies, shortbread, sirup, chutney, jam, coffee, granola and gift boxes. They all requested not only a set of packaging boxes, cans and glass bottles, but also a totally new visual language. This holistic and tangible labeling design should refer to the café’s genuine but also international atmosphere with its British roots.

Authenticity is trustworthy. Too much is too loud. Conservatism is boring. Joyfulness is empathic. Fresh is appetising. That’s just a few of the paths we decided to go down when developing the packaging design for the products of Katie’s Blue Cat. The result is a visual vis-à-vis of traditional British baking craft and Berlin-anti-chicness. Simple but distinct.

Katies Blue Cat


/ Visual Concept
/ Creative Direction
/ Packaging Design
/ Print Production